About Delivery

The Delivery Driver Needs Some Space.

In order to ensure everyone’s safety, please ensure there is adequate space for delivery and you have a safe environment for the driver. All of our haulers put safety first, and if we can’t safely deliver at your site we won’t, but you’ll still be on the hook for trucking charges. Nobody wants that, so please make safety a priority and ensure you have adequate space for delivery. The Tilt-Bed will need 40′ of additional space to deliver (60′ total for 20′ containers) and the Roll-Off truck will need 60′ of additional space (100′ total for 40′ containers). Please note, if we cannot safely deliver, you will still be charged for trucking.




The Trucks are Heavy

The combined weight of the truck, trailer and container can combine to be over 45,000-pounds. It’s important that your delivery surface be firm. If there is a risk of sinking into ground not firm enough to support the truck, the driver has the right to make the decision not to deliver. If your site is questionable, make sure you talk to us before ordering… or have a back-up spot in mind where there won’t be any issues.

Make Sure the Doors are Level

The most common issue after delivery is that the doors don’t open and close easily. Even though containers are all steel, if they are on uneven surfaces or loaded heavy to one side, they can twist just slightly enough for the doors not to line up properly and be very difficult to open and close.

Keep Your Container Out of Water

In order to support heavy loads while in transit, intermodal shipping containers have steel cross-members underneath the wood floors.  The cross-members are strong enough to withstand some rust,


Please make sure there is enough space for the truck to make wide turns, get between gates or other obstructions, and safely set up for delivery. Remember, trucks make wide turns.

The delivery truck can weigh as much as 45,000-lbs., so soft surfaces such as mud or wet grass can cause the truck to sink and get stuck... If there is a risk of sinking in, the driver may refuse delivery at the site.

The truck will be almost 10' wide, and will need space to maneuver after the box is dropped, 60' for 20' containers and 100' for 40's, plus space to turn and drive away.

The truck is 13'6" before it tilts, and can be up to 16' tall at it's peak during delivery, make sure there are no power lines, tree branches, or other obstructions.

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